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Using Software for Web Design

Building and designing a website is no longer the preserve of those who understand programming languages. There are many website builders available that utilise a drag and drop system. However, this method alone will not necessarily bring a pleasing result. Further software will be required to create an attractive design with an easy to navigate layout, excellent text and eye-catching images. An easy program for beginners is WordPress, which currently powers 34% of all websites. Another renowned option is Beaver Builder.

Web Design Tools for Creativity

Once the primary site is established, it's time to get creative by adding animation, colours, layouts and fonts. Some of the most well-known programs for achieving professional photo editing and graphic design include Adobe Illustrator, Canva and Piktochart. For those who require an HTML-5 website, then Google's own Web Designer can be downloaded for free and works seamlessly with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

Commerce Sites

Setting up an e-commerce site is no more difficult than building a text-based blog. The e-commerce industry is continually expanding, and the use of software makes it easy for even a complete novice to set up their own store. Some popular programs include WooCommerce, BigCommerce and Shopify. And if making use of affiliate products, then budding shop-owners don't even need to stock their own products.

The field of web design is continually evolving, and those looking for the latest creative software will be spoilt for choice.